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Palais Royal Armchair

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For more than 80 years, this armchair had its first life in the Parisian gardens of the Palais Royal, the Luxembourg or the Tuileries.

Destined for destruction, this collector's item was then bought and restored by Le Prince Jardinier, who wanted to pass on this small part of Parisian heritage to future generations. It is now part of the Prince Jardinier's Mobilier Memoire Collection.

To never forget its history or be likened to a pale copy, it has a small brass plate that attests to its origins.

  • Made in France

The chair is made to measure. Depending on your tastes, several colors are available: red, celadon green, white, black, light blue, yellow, pink.

Allow 8 weeks for the restoration.

It is a unique collection in the world.

If you would like to order this item and get a quote, please contact us directly or drop by the store at 46, rue du Bac in Paris 7th.

The shop number: 01 42 22 32 12

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Comes with a brass plaque to certify its provenance


Height: 90 cm Length: 68 cm Width: 50 cm

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